Ctrl + P goto anything does not work in markdown window!

As stated. I like to use the markdown window (in fact I never use the rich text editor), and VIM mode, but it appears goto anything is not triggered by Ctrl+P as it should WHEN focus is in the markdown window. Instead, Ctrl+P is "line up" for some reason. Very unwanted behaviour as I'm in VIM mode anyway (j,k is line down,up), and this makes me unable to edit a note and then quickly use the goto anyting to switch to another note. VIM mode only works in markdown mode. So it is now impossible to use Joplin effectively with VIM mode, as goto anything is not functional.

Joplin 2.10.18 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 057bb48c9fb4478781549e23fbdb58cb
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 42
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: c67f5fa

Rich Markdown: 0.13.2

(Rich Markdown is not the issue - I've tried disabling it)

If VIM mode override the shortcut, how about setting the Goto Anything feature to a different shortcut? You can change this in the options

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Thanks for replying!

You are right, it is the VIM mode that is conflicting. I don't want to change the Ctrl + p shortcut though, as Ctrl + p is a standard shortcut for "open a text field and search as you type" function.

It appears that Ctrl + p is a standard VIM shortcut to move cursor up on line.. But this does not have to be an issue if done right: I use VIM plugin in VS Code and have no issue using Ctrl + p to open command palette. Would be nice if Joplin worked the same way.

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