Shortcut CTRL+P doesn't print

Firstly - many thanks for Joplin! It's a life-saver, especially after leaving the slow and bug-ridden Evernote.

Just a minor suggestion. In most applications the shortcut CTRL-P is for print. Currently in Joplin this brings up to 'Go to' dialogue. I'd suggest tweaking the default keyboard shortcuts to be slightly more familiar:

  • CTRL+G: Go to
  • CTRL+P: Print

Thanks again.

Ctrl + P is a common shortcut in many applications (especially text editors) now for a fuzzy-finder or goto dialog so people may well complain about the reverse.

@uiop-on welcome to the forum.

I too have been "conditioned" to using CTRL+P for printing :slight_smile: .

I just used the keyboard shortcut editor (Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts) to change the shortcut keys. Basically Joplin lets you "tweak them" yourself...

If you make lots of changes to your shortcuts you might like to know that they are stored in keymap-desktop.json in your Joplin profile folder. Also the "Simple Backup Plugin" does back this file up along with all your other Joplin data.