What features did you like in 2023 and what do you want to see in 2024?

That's true, some people do a lot more on their phone than on their laptop and it's currently difficult to recommend Joplin to them. That's one of the reasons I've been wanting to improve the mobile app UX, and hopefully that will happen within the next 12 months.


But if your sensor is broken, you can't unlock your phone either, right? Which would make the issue with Joplin a non-starter.

And if I'm not mistaken if you disable fingerprint support on your phone, Joplin should also not ask for it anymore. Or if you notice a different bug please let me know (and perhaps create a new thread)

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Do you know that you can import the notes as HTML? In this case the colours would be preserved.

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Hello Laurent,

Many thanks for replying my requests.

I did try to export my Evernote to HTML, and then import to Joplin. But some of the screenshots (cropped pics) in my Evernote cannot be displayed properly in Joplin (it only shows thumbnails but not the exact picture). So my only option is to export Evernote to ENEX format and then have them imported to Joplin.

I also noticed that the Markdown text editor cannot keep the format of my notes in Evernote: such as indentation, line space, etc...

I am very ignorant of the topic. Is "Markdown" the only format that Joplin accepts? I understand that it took years for Evernote to make their editor quite easy to use.

Anyway, still huge thanks to the Joplin team.

Does the "Folding in Code Mirror Editor" plugin help the former?

I would love the ability to pin a note (or notes i guess, but just one for me would suffice) at the top of the list. I've seen workarounds to keep specific notes at the top, but I generally like to sort by date. In some of my notebooks (/projects), keeping a README (for example) would be very useful.

UPDATE: Ah, i should've gone further down the comments, as i see someone already asked for that and someone else suggested plugins to try (Favorites and Note Tabs). Will check those out.

Thanks for the great app!

The Favorites and Note Tabs plugins aren't quite what I was thinking. Basically, I'd like to pin specific note(s) at the top of a notebook/folder, but not a global pinning. I only see the pinned tweet at the top of its respective notebook, and the rest of the notes sorted by date (for example).

I think that's what the other commenter was trying to suggest as well (if I understood him correctly).

On the Android App, I'd like the ability to make subNotebooks. If I highlight a notebook, I'd like to make a notebook under it. As is, I have to make a note, then later on Windows, I make the sub-notebook and then move the note or notes into it. Then sync back.

This should be possible with versions ≥ v2.12. To change a notebook's parent,

  1. Long press on the notebook
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Choose a new parent notebook in the dropdown.

See also Mobile: Implement parenting of notebooks by jcgurango · Pull Request #7980 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


This does would also apply to keyboard shortcuts which are available in the shortcut settings table, but cannot be changed. Example : try and redefine the shortcut to "search in all notes", the new shortcut is accepted when you save it, but it does not change in the main window.

Same on Linux (just using the printscreen key on Debian for instance)

I add my vote to background sync.
There are lots and useless applications that require bg sync.
But the most important app to me is Joplin and it has not bg sync.
I will easily sacrify my phone battery for it to work in background.
My 2c.

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  • RTE has modified the handling of empty lines and will no longer delete the empty lines I input.


  • Although I have learned how to use the Note Tabs plugin, I still hope to have native multi window support. When I want to open two notes for comparison, editing, and reading, I can process them in the same interface, without having an external editor on one side and a joplin window on the other.

  • RTE can customize which buttons are displayed on the toolbar and their order.

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I'm using Obtainium to install/manage almost all my FOSS apps directly from the source. It would be much appreciated if the apk could be made available on the github pages.

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Would love to see progress info when downloading resources in notes on mobile. Currently no idea if it's working or not

If I may just go to the top two things I am waiting for Joplin to implement...

  1. More love for iOS app. Two biggest issues I have with it are

(a) it takes too long to attach a file (pdf or image) because it can't be done from outside of Joplin. I.e. if I download a PDF I want to put into Joplin, I can't just share it to the app - I have to open Joplin and browse to that PDF and attach it, which takes way too much time for what is supposed to be a quick on-the-fly action (why use mobile devices at all if it's not quick ?)

(b) It's impossible to share a PDF of the note from mobile. The data is essentially trapped there - I can't for example take notes on my iPad, complete with screenshots, then share them with meeting participants, because all I get is plaintext markdown.

Overall, the mobile client feels like a glorified viewer. This is not a criticism of the great FOSS software, just stating the limitations.

  1. Inbuilt OCR for PDFs and images. Again, this is a major functionality that prevents me from using Joplin as my main app. Manual OCR with the plugins takes way too long and is slow and not always reliable.

These are two major feature limitations for my use case. I take notes on the go all the time, I share them with others often, and I take lots of screenshots of printed text that I plan on finding later via text search. (Receipts, instructions, equipment tags, etc.) Unfortunately Joplin isn't really very suitable for any of this at the moment. If I only used the desktop version to store typed notes, it would be a great system.


I'm linking to a related (but closed) pull request: Mobile: Support sharing notes as PDFs by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #9334 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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Is already implemented in the new pre-release 2.14.x

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Thanks. How do I get it ? I checked the "Application -> Get pre-releases when checking for updates" but I am still on 2.13.14 and it tells me the app is up to date.

Sorry for the late response. Adding PIN will adds some comfort, if you can’t use temporally your finger to unlock your Joplin app because you get out of the pool, get out of the shower and your finger is not enough dry...

I was not aware of this. It’s good to know ! :slight_smile:

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