What exactly 'created local items'/'fetched items' means?


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Joplin Windows 2.9.17 as primary. content gets added here
Joplin Android 2.10.8
Sync with Joplin Server
large db base (from windows client:
Note: 32020/32021
Folder: 22/22
Resource: 291158/291177
Tag: 336/336
NoteTag: 54493/54493
MasterKey: 0/1
Revision: 582/582
Total: 378611/378632

Android client slowly sync db, it shows:
'created local items: 85'
'fetched items 74893 / 74893'
on successful syncs numbers change but they are in same proportion -
Android client's attachment mode is automatic.
What exactly android client downloads so much and not use? attachments?

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