Thousands of updates on sync

Joplin 2.11.32
Android on Samsung tablet and phone, and MacOS Ventura 13.5.1
Joplin items >18,000
Native Joplin sync to Dropbox
I've been using Joplin for a couple of years, and sync has deteriorated over the last several months.
Unpredictably and randomly Joplin sync will "Fetch" every item in the database, which means it will go through 18,000 of my items and another 18,000 items Joplin has created, presumable metadata about my items. During the process, which may take 12 hours over a good wifi connection, Joplin may claim thousands of "Updated local items," even though this same device had a successful complete sync just like this just a few days ago. It may post 2 or 3 or zero "Created local items."
Also, during this large and time-consuming sync, the items on display in the interface are in random order regardless of notebook selected or "All notes" selection. Recent notes created on the phone, for example, are nowhere to be found on the tablet during the sync. But the night before, for example, all devices reported themselves in sync.
Any ideas what I might be doing to cause the database to go haywire like this? THOUSANDS of updated local items? Oh, and this may happen on any device, while the other devices are reporting successful sync.

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