Is reloading of items on Android normal?

I'm new to Joplin, and have managed to import all my Evernote notes (about 10k of them) into the windows client without problem.

It's been syncing to my Android phone for the past days, and this morning, I believed I'd finally finished synching. When I kept pressing on synchroinze, it would only come up with 2-10 items to sync.

Then I left it aside while I worked. Now it's synching again, up to 2000 items, and I haven't really done anything with the windows client, wrote one note, created two favorites. Nothing that would entail 2000+ items to fetch, or 900+ local items to create on my Android.

Is this normal behaviour or am I missing something?


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Going to reply to myself here.

Yes, it was normal. I read "item" as "note", which I now understand isn't the same. An item seems to be anything, a tag, notebook, timestamped update, anything in the database really.

Thus I've got 10k notes, but some 50k items.

What took time was that once the screen turned off, Joplin stopped syncing after a few minutes. I solved it by changing the screen timeout on my phone, hooking it up to a charger, and fiddling with it every 30 minutes or so until all the notes were synched.

Now everything is fine :slight_smile:


There's a workaround for this - use an app that will force the screen on. ScreenOn

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