What are all the Android features?

Hey all,

I'm a new Joplin Android user. I just discovered some of the hidden gems. You can render mermaid diagrams? TOO COOL!

It made me wonder: What are some of these other optional features that can be turned on in config? Some of them can be figured out from the name, e.g., "enable ^sup^ syntax". Some of them are Google-able, e.g., "Fountain syntax". Some of them are intuitive what they might do, but not how to use them. e.g. I assume "Linkify" lets me link to other notes or, maybe, webpages. Some of them are more mysterious. e.g "++insert++" syntax.

Is there a help page / wiki page that I'm missing which explains all of these options in one spot, preferably with instructions on using them?

A simple google search like „lnkify joplin“ lead me to the markdown guide page on joplinapp.org. You will find all you‘re asking for there. Enjoy!