Week 6: Project Search Engine

You can now filter notes with tags using tag:*, without any tags using -tag:*

Filter based on latitude, longitude and altitude.
latitude:28 -latitude:57 longitude:40 -longitude:50 altitude:12 -altitude:22
This means 28<=latitude<57 and 40<=longitude<50 and 12<=altitude<22

Filter by resource MIME type.
resource:image/jpeg to get all notes with a jpeg attachment.

-resource:application/pdf to get notes without a pdf attachment.

You can also put wildcards anywhere in filters tag, notebook and resource.



Also, the PR now passes all existing tests.

To do next week:
Clean up the code.
Make a PR for the new relevance function.

If you have any ideas/opinions about sorting filters,
eg. to sort by title sort:title, to sort by descending creation date sort:-created
, please mention it in this post.