Week 12: Project Search Engine

Added a new filter sourceurl.

Refactored the PR to make it easier to understand and to avoid duplicate code. Also added more tests and fixed some highlighting problems.

Made some more progress in fuzzy search. Looking into how multiple languages could be supported.


Do you have a spec on how this feature is going to work exactly? Making the feature dependent on a language seems a bit complicated as it means it should be possible to change the language from the UI. Also for those who have multiple language, it’s not the best UX to have to specify the language of their search query every time.

I wonder if we could make it language agnostic instead? It could perhaps fix simple spelling mistakes so for example if I search for “fuzzi”, it would return “fuzzy” too. Or if I type ”我是法人“ it would return “我是法国人” too, and this it can do without knowing anything about the language based on string similarity (I guess that’s just the Levenstein distance). What do you think?

Yes, language-agnostic would be the way to go.

As for the spec: Week 11: Project Search Engine
Tell me what you think. I’ll add the language part soon.