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Week 2: Project Search Engine

I spent the week making more filters.

  1. Upgrade tags filter to handle negation
    eg. tag:cat -tag:dog
    So now you can combine them together like so
    eg. tag:office or tag:important -tag:spam

  2. Implement notebook filter

    │   some_note.md
    │   another_note.md
    │   │   nested_note.md
    │   │
    │   └───notebook111
    │       │   nested_nested_note.md
    │       │   ...
    │   random_note.md
    │   random_note2.md

    notebook:notebook1 limits search to notebook1
    (Including notebooks nested inside notebook1 such as notebook11 and notebook111)

    You can also do negation.

  3. Implement date filter
    created:YYYYMMDD and updated:YYYYMMDD to search for notes created or updated on that date.
    It also supports smart values: day, week, month, year
    created:day-0 notes created today
    created:day-1 notes created today or yesterday
    updated:day-5 notes updated within the past 5 days
    updated:week-2 notes updated within the past two weeks.
    created:month-3 notes created within the past 3 months.
    updated:year-0 notes updated this year

  4. Implement todo filter
    todo:* show all todos
    todo:true show completed todos
    todo:false show uncompleted todos


will -tag:* work to find all notes without a tag?

No. Neither will tag:* show all notes with tags. But I can implement it if you want.


I think this option is a bit confusing. If we want to filter by note type, we should perhaps have something like is_todo:1. Then it can be 0 too to get only notes.

But I agree we could have tag:* and -tag:* to retrieve all notes with and without tags.

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Also should we use true/false in general or just 1/0? Personally I’d prefer 0/1 as it’s shorter and if everything’s a number I don’t need to wonder if one field accept 0/1 or true/false. On the other hand I don’t know how user friendly it is for non technical people.

Yeah, that would be great!

The true/false syntax is from Evernote.

How about is:todo and is:note?


I would like to see a boolean search for tags (and, or, not - and combinations).

WIll we have option for saving searches or a history of searches?