Webdav sync problem on mobile

Using 12.4.2 on iOS 15.1 and 2.5.8 on macOS 10.15.7.

I've just setup Joplin on my Mac with encryption. My ISP provides an Owncloud or Nextcould fileserver with Webdav option. I can't access logs here. I've created a special account for Joplin. The connection from the Mac works - the sync test resports success and I can sync. After that I configured the webdav on iOS and that test reported success.

If I create a note on the phone, I can see it on my Mac. But if I create a note on my Mac, it doesn't show on the phone. Syncing works only one way. If I open the log on the phone, I cannot copy it or I don't know how to copy it.

I see Code: 401, then lots of entries about main.jsbundle. When I press Synchronise on the phone, I see:

Completed + datetime, then: Last error: Error: PROPFIND / Unknown error 2 (401): 401 Unauthorized

What can I do to get sync working both ways? To me it seems like the problem is on the phone side, but I might be wrong.

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