Sync via WebDAV not fully working on Android client 1.7.5

Hello all! I would love to get Joplin working for me on both desktop and mobile. Having some serious trouble with mobile, unfortunately. I'm running the 1.7.11 Win32 client on desktop and Android 1.7.5 client. Encryption is turned off for now on both sides, have also disabled note history while I try to diagnose, and I've been trying to identify the problem using an empty (well, repeatedly manually emptied) WebDAV directory on my own shared hosting. I initially tried a self-hosted instance of NextCloud but could not get that working at all for whatever reason. I can at least tell the WebDAV option is something both the desktop and mobile are communicating with successfully and recurrently.

The desktop client will pick up any created notebooks / notes and/or changes to existing notes made on the mobile client. However, the mobile client will pick up new notebooks or notes only the very first time they are created from desktop. After that, the mobile client fails to notice any further changes to any document, as if it's caching the files on first encounter and then unwilling or unable to see any subsequent edits stored on server.

I can see the writes being made to the WebDAV directory from both clients. Forcing sync in the appropriate order doesn't seem to help the mobile client find the issue.

Even more interestingly, every so often the mobile client will succeed in finding the updates - maybe one time out of 25 or 30. This does not seem to be associated with "stepping off" the note being updated or anything simple like that. If there's any kind of pattern to when it actually succeeds, I haven't been able to find it yet.

Log from the mobile side attached. syncReport-1616092686781.txt (23.8 KB)

I did post a formal bug report last week but there has been no activity on this issue at the bug tracker as of yet, so I thought I would ask here as well in case there is something I'm just missing. Thank you!

Check if the sync is finished and you have the same amount of notes, folders, resources on both devices local and remote.
Desktop: Help > Syncronisation Status

What WebDav provider do u use?
Could you please post a log from mobile and desktop.

Hi Jack. The attached logs are for the following process (which was performed after completely clearing the profiles on both clients along with the WebDAV directory):

  1. Create a "DesktopNotebook 01" notebook on W32 desktop client, force sync.

  2. Create a "MobileNotebook 02" notebook on mobile client, force sync.

  3. Create a "DesktopNote 03" note within "DesktopNotebook 01" via desktop client, force sync.

  4. Create a "MobileNotebook 04" notebook within "MobileNotebook 02" on mobile client, force sync.
    --To this point, the two clients have picked up all of the updates from each other in sync.

  5. Using the desktop client, edit DesktopNote 03 to contain the line "DesktopEdit 05," and MobileNotebook 04 to contain the line "DesktopEdit 06," force sync.
    --As these files were already picked up in a prior sync operation, the mobile client now refuses to pick up either of these changes.

  6. Using the mobile client, edit DesktopNote 03 to contain the line "MobileEdit 07" and MobileNotebook 04 to contain the line "MobileEdit 08," force sync.
    --Desktop client picks up these edits from the mobile client while completely losing the edits it made in step 5 and had previously pushed onto the WebDAV folder.

  7. Using desktop client, edit DesktopNote 03 to the name "DesktopNote 03 - DesktopRenameAndMove 09" and move into the MobileNotebook 02 notebook; also edit MobileNote 04 to the name "MobileNote 04 - DesktopRenameAndMove 10" and move into the DesktopNote 01 notebook, force sync.
    --As expected, mobile client picks up none of these changes. Test process stopped at this point.

I'm attaching the logs from both the mobile and desktop clients, along with a .zip of the full contents of the WebDAV directory at the time I stopped. Also attaching a side-by-side of the Sync Status screens. You can see the Revision and Total numbers are a little different (though I wonder if this could be explained by the default Welcome notebook-- which I deleted on both ends before beginning this 'test'-- being tracked or counted in note history by one client and not the other).

I am in the US and using my shared hosting provider (Dreamhost) to handle the WebDAV duties. Dreamhost's data centers are in a different timezone from my own, and I'm wondering if this may be the source of the issues, i.e., if the way the respective clients handle timestamp input from the server may differ from each another in a way that would cause problems.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if anything stands out!
Desktop-log.txt (18.7 KB) (197.1 KB) Mobile-syncReport-1616646057325.txt (23.8 KB)

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