A way to copy a snippet of text as HTML?

Abrecotine is a markdown editor. When I select a snippet of text and right click it presents me various options including "copy text" but also "copy html". The "copy html" will convert the markdown into HTML.

A feature like that will be really helpful in Joplin.

Joplin's Community is one of its best features, so here's another voice hoping for more on the formatted text front. FYI, It is possible to have colors in Joplin:

Colored Fonts - example with color only specified
Colored backgrounds are possible

But having Joplin translate rtf text, or html, from the Clipboard during a paste operation seems outside the scope of Joplin's roadmap. Maybe it could be handled by some sort of plug in - which is beyond my expertise.

We develop a workflow based upon the tools available at the time. Joplin ticks so many boxes for what a note apps should be, but I've got thousands of old notes in an old Windows app that feature colored fonts. I'm trying to figure out a way to import all of them. Supporting color going forward seems a secondary issue, I can't "leave" the old app when the color coded notes hold so much value.

Here's to hoping for some sort of feature addition.

Here is another attempt at getting the code to show as code

I think they mean the reverse, they want to copy data from the markdown viewer as HTML (which it is obviously rendered as) to preserve the formatting that Joplin has already applied - at the moment if you copy the rendered markdown it copies it as markdown.

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I regret any miscommunication.

I want what @Daeraxa reiterated.

Copy text in Joplin as HTML!

What is the windows app? Does it not export as HTML/markdown?

oops! You're right :crazy_face:

Joplin has some sort of html rendering ability, because it can export entire notebooks to a directory as html

It could do .rtf but don't think it does html or markdown, might even pre date markdown.

In any case, the misunderstanding was just on my part.

I am using Joplin for 2-3 years now with Nextclud and am very happy with it. Very great soft ! :+1:
Recently I started transitioning from simple note taking user to a more power user with some addons as the number of notes I took increased significantly.

I was trying to copy the rendered HTML to paste it in another software, but I could not find a way to do so or any addon that adds this feature.
It should not be too hard but I have not web programming skills to do it :frowning_face:
Any insight on how this can be implemented ? Exporting to html than opening the files with a text editor to copy/past the part I want is kind of a long process. a right click / copy as HTML would be a very nice feature !

You could switch to the Rich Text editor and copy from there.

Thanks but I tried it as well, it only copies markdown in my joplin version (2.3.5). Maybe newer version have this improvement ?

When you copy from the Rich Text editor, it populates both the plain text and HTML part of the clipboard. Then it depends how you paste this - if it's in another rich text editor, it would take the HTML part but it's in a regular text editor, it would take the plain text one.

If you have such option you can use "Paste special" in your editor and select the right format.

Hum Indeed but it does not help.
Using your method I can copy and paste with formatting in a software like libreoffice writter or word. This might be usefull for some but it is not for me. I want to be able to paste the actual HTML output, so I could paste it lets say in this reply field, on the forum and get the right display.
(I know it's a bad example, the forum supports markdown :wink: ).

What you want to do is not really how clipboards work in general, but you could get there using some utility to directly access the clipboard content. Something like this: https://freeclipboardviewer.com/

That could do It ! Thanks for the Tip :pray:
I think it solves chromian (cant mention him since I am a new user) problem as well if he ever passes by.

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