Web Interface


It would be awesome if we can able to lauch JoPlin App in Web. We have huge documents which needs to be published as Read-Only in the server which should be accessed by anyone via internet.

Does Joplin has Web-Interface?
Does Joplin can be hosted in a server?

if not, is it possible to provide a feature for web interface???

Thanks in advance.


I have to say that this is not the functionality of Joplin. You are looking for a content management system.
However, a server component is currently being developed, so maybe something like this could be added. But please understand that Joplin is primarily a note taking app and not a content management or cloud sharing system.

Perhaps a workaround would be to upload the file on your server, Nextcloud, Dropbox, etc. then link to it from a note.

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That’s fine. We can do that.

I understand…But we can make the note as non-editable via password saved in the server like word, zip or any other tools does it. In that way we can make it as protected from saving any unwanted changes to the doc. Publishing to public with editing option would tamper the data. Also, revision history or comparison of changes made will come into picture if editing is provided when hosting is enabled in web

That’s sounds great…Thank you.

Maybe have look at MDWiki:


Maybe it’ll help.