Web Clipper unable to connect to Joplin Desktop

OS - Windows 10

For some unknown reason, web clipper is unable to find the port for connecting to my Joplin electron desktop app. i’ve followed all instructions for troubleshooting here https://joplinapp.org/clipper/ but none seems to fit my needs. Please i’m working on an issue and this is stopping me from testing my work, someone HELP me out please.

Heres what i get from web clipper when i try to create a note.

There was some error creating the note: Could not find clipper service. Please make sure that Joplin is running and that the clipper server is enabled.

Meanwhile , clipper is enabled in my desktop app

2020-02-22 17:50:20: "Starting Clipper server on port 27583"

Dev web clipper connects to dev desktop app, and prod web clipper connects to prod desktop app. Maybe you have a mismatch.

Oh I think that’s the case, how do I set up the dev web clipper @laurent , I haven’t come across any guide related to it ?