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Not able to setup development environment clipper plugin

I am working on this issue for which I have to setup the web clipper plugin in the firefox . I have installed the plugin and also followed instructions as said here. Joplin is too running in the background but then also clipper is showing me this issue:

Error: Could not connect to the Joplin application. Please ensure that it is started and that the clipper service is enabled in the configuration.

Anyone here knows how to resolve this issue ? btw Google chrome is my default browser .

Hi, have you enabled the Web Clipper Service in Joplin?

yup . It's status is: Started on port 27583 . I am using joplin v2.6.1 (dev,linux)

In that case you also have to use the dev version of the clipper

how to use dev version ? May you guide me

Have you read the build doc? joplin/BUILD.md at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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Thanks . Now I am able to setup . Sorry to post this I forgot to look the BUILD.md file .

Btw I have the web clipper v1.0.8 (as stated in package.json) and for the issue I need v2.1.3 . How can I get this version ? I even ran git pull upstream main & build the packages but didn't get the v2.1.3