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I have a small suggestion that would make the web clipper much easier for people with many notebooks.

The dropdown where you choose the notebook to clip to should offer the most recently used notebook as the default instead of always starting with the first notebook by alphabetical order.

This could be extended by adding maybe the three? five? most recently used ones, in order, at the top of the dropdown list before the rest appear in alphanumeric order. But the main thing is that the single most clipped-to notebook should become the default choice.

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I'm using the webclipper with Firefox on Win10 and it already does that. I created a notebook "Imported or Unfiled" and clipped to it. From then on the clipper has always defaulted to it. I did change it to another notebook once for a specific note and it defaulted to that notebook until I changed it back again.

Ah. ON investigation, this turns out to be a problem with vivaldi. The web clipper works perfectly well in chrome, exactly as it should, in fact. But Vivaldi, though it uses the chromium engine, seems to put obstacles in the way of the clipper. The tags list isn't populated, and the notebooks order is not remembered. I wonder what the problem can be. I might report the difficulty there.

For the moment I have the choice between Vivaldi's excellent tab handling and having a usable web clipper for Joplin :frowning:

Probably not the solution you're looking for, but Web Clipper seems to work well on Opera. I've never tried Vivaldi, but is its tab handling much more robust than Opera's?

I don't know. I used Opera back in the naughts, when it was great. For one thing it was for years the only browser to use tabs. But I rather lost interest after it was bought by a different company. What I love about Vivaldi is that it lets you organise the tabs in a vertical sidebar, which is such an obviously more helpful use of the screen that I don't know why anyone else doesn't do it (Yes, there are firefox extensions that have the same effect, but firefox is flaky for me, especially on mobile).

Also, I am very reliant on a pinboard extension that I have hacked about a bit myself to make it autotag the things I clip for work. One of my major procrastination ideas at the moment is to hack at the web clipper for Joplin so that it will do the same thing. Someone has written a Joplin plugin that tags notes once they are in the database, and that would be a good starting point. But I want to tag them with my keywords, not with those chosen by anyone else.

I think you're much more of a power user and knowledgeable about computer than I am. I'm just an end user. And Opera still meets my needs. But if you can help to improve Joplin and add features, many people would be very thankful.

From my point of view, the first entry in the list should be the most recently created notebook, if it is not older than x seconds, then the most recently used ones.
It would also be helpful to have a search function for the notebook selection that leads to the appropriate point in the tree in order to verify the search.

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When a user click the extension button to clip a web page, I'd like the extension to default to the last clipping method that the user used. It can be one of the five following:

  • clip simplied page
  • clip complete page
  • clip complete page (HTML)
  • clip screenshot
  • clip URL.
    I think it's redundant to have users to click to select your clipping method of choice, when you probably use one method 80% of the time. There are built-in browser APIs to save that information.

I know there are shortcut keys, but that means more thing to add to your cognitive load.

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