Custom Entries for Notebooks in Web Clipper?

I would like the ability to limit which notebooks are populated in the Clipper dropdown for notebooks. The reason I would like to have this feature is because I have over 150 Notebooks in my Joplin setup. Yes, I am apparently a notes/tasks hoarder.

I realize that not a lot of people will run into this problem but because I have so many notebooks it makes the notebooks I want to use way down the list and since it is just a dropdown field I have to scroll every time. If I were able to limit the list to just notebooks I want to send clips to I would be able to make it only 5 notebooks instead of the 150 that I have.

The reason I have 150+ is that I use Joplin for notes and my to-dos so I have a LOT of entries. I have 5-20 tasks per todo list and I make a todo list for every day plus I have specific project tasks so I have over 1,000+ notes/todos so I needed a way to organize it lol hence the ton of notebooks.

So if I were able to set a flag to a notebook so that only that notebook was in the clipper then it would be perfect way to make the clipper so much easier for me to use.

being able to control what is listed is my ideal solution but only top level root notebooks could work as well, if that is easier to do

Maybe a solution would be to have the last selected notebooks on top of the list.

I need to be able to access any of the notebooks, and they are multi-level. Would it be possible to have a search facility to find the notebook you want?


One normal way to handle this with what exists is to change your common 5 notebooks names to begin with perhaps . or 111 or aaa- or some other symbol that would place them at the top of the list followed by whatever their current name is. In other words a prefix that means: sort this at the top of the list.

@laurent I think the last selected would be ok but could also backfire if you misclick a notebook and then have to reorder or whatnot.

@dasym if there was a search filter I think that would be ideal for many people.

@SteveShank I would prefer a search filter or a way to pin notebooks in general but this suggestion is a good workaround. I just changed the names of those notebooks to include a prefix . and it works as you thought. :smiley: