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Automatically saving the source link

For the web clipper:
It would be nice to save a clickable source link together with the screenshot/page/simplified page.
Like it is done by Evernote clipper.

Hi, and Welcome on board :wink:

it’s already done
click on the :information_source: of the toolbar and you should see it

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I noticed the [I] icon now, the link is empty. I tried with the new version and the link from the screenshot is always comes empty.

In any case, hiding the link under [I] icon is counter-intuitive, it is hard for the user to discover the link and it requires an extra click to get it. It should be shown in an abbreviated form right away.

i could grab a google map page, with the url filled …

personnaly I put the url of the article I grabbed (with Jong Toolkit) the footer of the note, because I also like to know where the data come from at a glance.