Web clipper screenshots aren't working

Title pretty much says it all. I select the folder, click the screenshot button, select the area of the screen to capture, and a new note is made in the folder specified. However, when I open the screenshot note, there’s no image. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I also noticed notes won’t import correctly from Evernote but I read on the GitHub repo that there was a compatibility issue which might get resolved in the future. Would this be the same problem with the web clipper screenshots? Are they both related? Thanks.

Which operating system and browser? And what issue are you having when importing Evernote notes?

I’m using the web clipper with Firefox 62.0.2 on Win10. The imported images from Evernote simply aren’t appearing in Joplin. They’re replaced by text which looks like this:


Are you displaying both panes (the editor and viewer)? Click on the Layout button to be sure.

Wow…I thought I clicked the layout button before but apparently not. I can see images now. Sorry to waste your time. Thanks!