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Web Clipper - autocompletion broke

Version 1.4.10 prod Win32
Windows 10 64bit Pro

When trying to clip a web page by adding a tag through the Clipper,the autocompletion stops after typing the first letter or second plus it does not return all available tags.

For example, I have a tag 'Selenium' in my notebook.When on Clipper I type 'Se' it brings other tags but not 'Selenium' while when I type 'Sel' it displays nothing.

I can't replicate this. What version of the web clipper?

Hi Laurent.
It is 1.4.3 of clipper installed from Chrome store

I've update Joplin desktop but the issue remains.:
Joplin 1.4.11 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 28f75449d (master)

Should I record a short video showing the issue?

Yes that might help.

Here's the video

and here is the screenshot that shows the tag 'selenium' in Jopplin

reverting back to v1.3.18 , before the Clipper API change, made it work again!

It will be fixed in the next clipper release.