Web-Clipper just stares at me

Web Clipper V 2.13 for Firefox V90
Joplin V2.1.9
On this machine - Desktop all is well, on my Laptop using the same versions, tapping the clipper icon, then getting the dropdown, pick the "In Notebook" "option, then tap - in this case - the "Clip Complete WebPage (Beta)" (I've tried other options and the plugin sits there as if waiting for me to do ONE more thing. It doesn't save the article - nothing.
It DOES state at the bottom, "Service status: Ready on port 41184".
Any ideas?
I JUST, yesterday, upped from V1.x.x to V2 and all went well, or so I thought.

Just above the "Service status: Ready on port 41184" on mine I see a "Confirm" button that appears after choosing the type. I am not sure I am on the latest version though. Do you see that?

Actually now that I look again, under title, there is "Type" reiterating what I picked, but that's it.
I hadn't even noticed that was missing.

Here's mine on Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit) Mac, Plugin Version2.1.3, Joplin 2.2.2 (prod, darwin)

And this me.
I am, although, beginning to see it might be a zoom/enlargement problem. I noticed that when I logged in, I had to scroll down the login box to the ok button.
Need to look, the odd thing being that this wasn't a problem before the clipper update, but then FF updated about the same time.
I need to do some checking.

Yeah, that was it. I had the setting 150% so that I didn't have to strain to see the screen (13") dropped to 125% and it's a bit too small, but there's the confirm button.

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