Joplin Web Clipper requesting "Permissions"

I've recently started having problems with the Joplin web clipper in Firefox - when I click it, all it does is pop up a notification saying "Permissions needed" and "Starting..."

I've checked the web clipper service in the Joplin options, and it's set to autostart and is "Started on port 41184".

I've tried all the usual suspects: rebooting the computer (running Windows 10), clearing the cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling the FF plugin, all with no effect.

What am I doing wrong?

FF version: 91.0.2
Web clipper version: 2.1.3
Joplin version: 1.7.11

You have the newest version of the Web Clipper, but your Joplin version is very old. I think that you need at least Joplin v2.1.5 to be able to use the Clipper now (see the changelog under Is there any specific reason why you are not using the latest Joplin version?

Because for some reason the automatic updates weren't active in my Joplin options :smiley:

Fixed now, so hopefully it will update and everything will work normally, thanks!

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