Web clipper: Add ability to name screenshots

I have attempted to find a thread for this - apologies if I missed it.

I'd like the ability to name screenshots with the web clipper when taking them. For some pages with lengthy titles, and in notebooks with lots of notes, I end up taking quite a long time to find the freashly-clipped screenshot so I can rename it to something I will be able to find.

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Quite right: That's an inconsistency. For all of the five other options in web clipper, you can edit the title of the note. It's quite consistent, however, that Joplin doesn't warn you when a note has the same title as another one because internally the two of them are assigned different IDs. No. 3 of your suggestions (cancelling clipping by pressing ESC) wouldn't be necessary if No. 1 was solved: All other options require clicking on "confirm" before a clip is created.

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Yep, that would fix it for me, and the duplicate titles thing makes sense - that's more of a new feature I guess.