Joplin Web Clipper issue with ScreenShot

I checked the issues, and it seems that changing layout to Markdown resolves it, but for me it still doesnt work. Here is the Screenshot

Edit : Same with Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Joplin v2.9.17
Firefox 112.0.2
Windows 11 21H2
Clipper 2.11.2

Using the above set-up and selecting screenshot from the webclipper successfully captures whatever screen area I then select using the mouse "click and drag". The only way I can simulate what you are seeing is if I just click on the screen (without dragging a capture area) and grab the single pixel under the mouse.

Hey Awesome! Thank you for the revert.
It worked, so let me explain the issue here, so basically it isnt a bug, but mainly a confusion.

If we can replace the term "Drag and release" with something like Snip it, that would be great. As not only me, but the friends whom I showed this issue, were also new to Joplin, and they also though of it as Drag the part of the screen you like to Snip and release.

So we thought of it as more of a scrolling action rather than snipping action. So we Scrolled the Part of page we wanted to grab and released it, where going back to Jopling gave us the mighty ".".

While now that I tried Snipping the part of it, that worked great.

Closing it with the humble suggestion, if rather than "Drag and Release" if we can address it in a better way where screw heads like me wont go around thinking of it as Scrolling action, and snip it. THat would be great.

As not only me but 2 friends of mine also thought of it as Scrolling action and not snipping, as they are new to Joplin as well.

Thanks for the feedback. Is "snip it" really better? How is it called in other apps? I'm not a native speaker and "snip it" wouldn't mean much to me in terms of what I'm supposed to do

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I agree, snip would not mean anything to me, unless the pointer turns into a little scissors icon.

"Drag the the mouse to select the area of the screen to capture."

Maybe the current design with shading the page can be expanded by "unshading" the bit that is being selected?


True, Snip it would surely create more confusion for a layman, I just shared it as an example, as that was exactly my confusion here. I just used "Snip it" as a place holder for my reply to convey the message

So anything that we can use which would tell user exactly what to do, in a better language would be great.

I can totally agree with @cherryfrog here, as I am also not a native speaker, Snipping was the word I learned myself from Snipping tool from windows.

So we can use Phrases like :

"Drag the the mouse to select the area of the screen to capture."
"Click and Drag to select the area you like, and release to capture"
"Select the Area you like using mouse and let go to capture"

And many more, as I am not a native speaker myself can't come up with more sophisticated phrases.

Plus I also agree to the point mentioned by @cherryfrog about unshading the part that is selected.

Yes that makes sense, maybe just a sentence that says plainly what needs to be done. Maybe just this?

"Click and drag to select the area to capture"


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