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So far so good, great app. By for me, the deal killer is not being able to access notes in case I lose my phone and/or don't have my computer with me. At the very least, being able to access them logging into OneDrive and seeing the backup.

For now, I will stick with Mac Notes since I'm able to access them logging into iCloud from any computer, and explore other options that offer this feature.

you can publish notes, one at a time I fear, if you install your own Joplin server (whch is free) or use the Joplin server professional plan (which is maintained for you, and then costs).
There MAY be a way to 'auto-publish by default' any new note, but I didn't look for this.
There MAY be a way to interact directly with the Joplin data on the server (after all, this is open source) but I never tried this, nor intend to...

Thanks for answering! That doesn't look like a great solution for a basic user, though. But thanks in any case!

You could look into if having a Portable version of Joplin on a USB might work for you.

Thank you for the suggestion. How would that be done?


Google‘s your friend…


I'm on iOS as well (though not on MacOS), but I think that Apple unfortunately does a good job of discouraging users to make advantage of iCloud access. It's so restricted in terms of features that it makes you want to buy a Mac (just the thing Apple's marketing would want you to do).

OneNote on the other hand, is great to use on the web although it's quite confusing to use on different platforms (web, phone, tablet, desktop).

Joplin's 'local first' principle makes it a great app for securing privacy, but web access would be a fine thing, I agree. I'm just not sure how to achieve it (apart from self-hosting) without losing the benefits of privacy and encryption.

Thank you. Google is, in fact, one of the friends I spend more time with :wink:

I would have googled it, but I thought it was a complex process one had to undertake and build rather than an option already built.

Thanks again for responding and pointing to the option.

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Your "worst case" does actually cover two scenarios. If you lost your phone AND your computer (or it's not available), any other offline of online solution was gone to - until you buy a new phone and set-up Joplin again.From there all it takes was to have your cloud and encryption password tattooed on your ... (just joking) or a piece of paper (sticky note) in your passport.

But I cannot see how this was unique to Joplin. Whatever was on your phone in this scenario (offline or online) is in-accessable until ... you buy a new phone.

What you third sentence seems to say is that you want to be able to use ANY browser on ANY device (for example while traveling) and log into something without dedicated software ...

... and this is OF COURSE not possible if you wanted the security of E2EE.

So you have to choose between the two worlds.
Mac Notes may be perfectly fine for your purposes. I wonder why you wanted to move from Mac Notes to Joplin in the first place (and I know why I did).

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I guess what I was more afraid of is not being able to access notes when I don't have access to my phone, whether because it is lost or left at home.

The reason I want to move away from Mac Notes is because I don't want to be stuck with owning an iPhone in order to access them.