How to reach my notes from anywhere?

Hello and thanks for the great App!
I need the ability to reach my notes via my office PC (for example). Of course, I haven't admin rights as well as access to the Internet except for Chrome. I know there is a Joplin Web app (no Clipper), but there is no such an app in the Chrome Store. Any suggestions?

Alternatively, you could try using Joplin Portable on a USB flash drive. You will find it on Joplin's homepage.

Having tested it, it looks quite efficient and lets you synchronise your notes locally to the same device, but someone who's tested it for longer than me may give you a more in-depth review.

Good luck!

I am using the portable version on Windows, haven't had any issues with it.

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A while back I then switched to using the Joplin Portable on my PCs. This is exactly the same client as the full install. It puts all your notes into a subfolder of the joplinportable.exe so it's all in one tidy location. I periodically just COPY the entire folder with the EXE and notes subfolder to my USB drive. This works well, and in fact I still do it.

There are a number of other cloud services that also allows the sync to run with them. I have the Joplin app on my Android phone. I sync my notes using OneDrive. This makes my my notes available to me on all my PCs, and my phones. Each device needs to be setup on the sync and using encryption is a wise choice. So far it has worked wonderfully. I still do a manual save to my USB drive just for the hell of it to have an extra copy in my pocket that I can use anywhere I can use the USB drive. It's come in handy more than once.

There is a Joplin server being developed, it is supposed to handle syncs from apps on any platform anywhere - eventually. It's a ways away and does require a 'server' running for the sync to work and some expertise to get it available outside your firewall.

Thanks for the answers!
As I said, I haven't any rights on my office PC including USB. And no ability to connect to internet except Chrome. So, the only way I see now - is to use portable app with periodically copied notes from Dropbox by hand. And no sync at all.


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