Web access & any sneaky Webhosts my IT dept might miss?

Hi all,
WEB ACCESS: Does Joplin allow web access to your hosted notes - or must you have the app installed? I do blogging on my work computers at lunch, and so would love to be able to have web access to Joplin notes.

I NEED "SNEAKY" HOSTS: The Joplin hosted site would be ideal, but it's blocked by my work's IT department. So are Onedrive, Dropbox and the other big names. But there are some sneaky little notes apps like Standard Notes and Boost notes that are not in the IT departments block list yet. (But they are so limited compared to Joplin!)

Also, does C-PANEL facilitate Joplin hosting? I host a site I can log into at work, so maybe that means if C-PANEL let me host Joplin I could get access to about 5 gigs storage there for free?

I would love to use Joplin at lunch, but obviously can't host it at the usual blocked places. Are there smaller more obscure hosts around? I'm in Australia.

I currently use Gmail as my blogging notes - by emailing to myself and tagging it. But emailing myself and retagging every time I edit a single note is becoming a drag. If I could access Joplin on the web at lunch, that would be awesome!

No. You need a Joplin app on your device or you can use a portable app e.g. on a usb stick (works well!)
If you are able to use the portable version, a missing online connection would not be a problem. It doesn’t need a network and you can synchronise your notes from the USB to your synch target at home later or wherever your device has connection apart from your office space.


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