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Want to contribute where manpower is lacking

Hello maintainers ,
I am a beginner . I have worked on some high priorities issues for joplin desktop . But now I want to work for other parts of joplin too where there is need of manpower . I have the following skills:

Language: C++,Python,JavaScript,HTML,CSS,SASS
Frameworks: Reactjs,tKinter
Skills: Data Structures & Algorithms
Tools: Git,Docker,Firebase
Primary OS: Ubuntu( Linux )

My GitHub profile: Rishabhraghwendra18 · GitHub
I am open to more learning , I can learn any new technology if needed .
If anyone of you know any place where I can best fit or help in any way , please let me know . I will be happy to help.

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Generally any issue tagged with meduim/high is ok to take.

Then there's always demand for plugins. On one hand it's not Joplin proper but on the other hand you'd be the only owner of the code.

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I didn't get the point , On one hand it's not joplin proper...

Aside from medium/high issues, you might want to visit this topic and see what plugins were requested the most. Of course, if you develop a plugin, this won't be a direct contribution to Joplin core but still a very welcome addition. I think this is what @roman_r_m meant.

In some cases, features done via plugins are even preferable (compared to direct change in Joplin core) due to less maintenance needed from Joplin team.

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Yes, what @graphit0 said. Working on plugins you could learn about CodeMirror, MarkdownId, Joplin data model, and some other things. Plus some plugins will require changes to the main app

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Ok.. all the plugins , currently joplin have are present in packages/plugins folder ? I searched in this folder but it only has one plugin which is ToggleSidebars

No, these aren't the plugins we were talking about. These are renderer plugins and you probably don't need to change these.

The plugins I mean are these: Plugin List
Also have a look at the docs: Getting started with plugin development | Joplin

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Hi, I'm making an OCR plugin. it has been published but still in development. Are you willing to take part in and add feature for it? You can check this post: https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/plugin-offline-ocr-extract-text-from-images-pdf-videos-etc

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Ok... so do you have any plugin idea list which joplin wants or we have to own come up with a plugin idea ?

It looks interesting . I don't know machine learning may I able to contribute to it ?

OCR algorithm is included in a library, this plugin just calls it. There are some feature request in that post, anyone knowing JS can help.

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Some ideas here Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?
But if you have your own -- go for it

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ok.. Thanks alot @roman_r_m

ok.. I will like to contribute to your plugin

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