Choose Joplin as first open source contribution project

Dear Joplin Development Team,

My name is Devendra, and I'm a developer with a keen interest in contributing to open-source projects. I was drawn to Joplin because of its use of JavaScript and React, technologies with which I'm proficient. I've recently completed my React studies and have experience building smaller projects.

While exploring your README and project documentation, I noticed that Joplin also leverages TypeScript and Electron for web apps and React Native for mobile development. These are areas where I'd love to expand my skillset. Could you please advise me on the following:
Are there specific areas where I can contribute effectively using my current JavaScript and React knowledge?
What additional technologies would you recommend I focus on to maximize my contributions to the Joplin project?

I'm enthusiastic about getting started and would greatly appreciate any guidance you could offer.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


There are a few issues tagged with good-first-issue — these might be a good place to start.

Here are a few additional libraries/frameworks we use:

  • CodeMirror for the desktop and mobile markdown editors. (The default markdown editor on desktop uses CodeMirror v5, the default on mobile uses CodeMirror v6).
  • TinyMCE for rich text editing on desktop.
  • React Redux for application state management.
  • Jest for writing/running most tests.
  • Playwright for writing end-to-end tests on desktop.
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@personalizedrefriger Sir I'm looking for a mentor, who can guide me for GSoC contribution. As I told before that Joplin is my first open source contribution, I want experience everything from scratch, so I must need a mentor for assist in this journey. If you have time than let me know.

I think you need to be more specific. Are there any particular issues you're having?

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Also the way it works is that you'd pick a project, write a proposal, and if you're selected a mentor will be assigned to your project.

Before that we don't assign any mentor, you simply need to create a PR, get involved in the community, etc. as described in the GSoC documents which you have hopefully read.

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