Introducing xUser5000

Hi everyone. I am Abdallah Ahmed (AKA xUser5000) , a college freshman from Egypt. I mostly do competitive programming and web development using JavaScript. I have built a lot of full-stack projects in high school using React.js and Typescript. I'm interested in the BibTeX plugin project because I think it will be very useful especially for people working in the academic domain.

Github account: xUser5000

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Hi !
I've read the guide on developing Joplin plugins and followed the step-by-step tutorial for building TOC plugin. I noticed that building an external plugin barely touches the main codebase of Joplin; it just uses the plugins API. Which makes sense because it hides the implementation details and that's the whole point of APIs.

Now my question is: Is it necessary for all students to familiarize themselves with the main codebase of Joplin and try to submit some PRs even if they intend to work on external plugins ?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi Abdallah

Laurent has the last word on this but in my view working on an existing issue is preferable. Btw, do you have an idea for a plugin to implement?

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Hi roman
I don't have an idea for a new feature to implement. Instead, I am really interested in working on the BibTeX plugin

I too had the same question sir and your response was very helpful, but it will be a big favour if you could help me in deciding that if i plan to work on a plugin during gsoc; what should I prioritise? contributing to any Joplin-plugin or contributing to the main app?

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At this point you goal should be do demonstrate your skills rather than go and implement an idea from the list (there's probably not enough time for it now anyway).
And for this we feel it's better if you start by working on an existing issue.