Vision for joplin

I recently migrated over from evernote so that I can own my data and chose Joplin out of many candidates. Web clipper functionality was the deciding factor.
Nonetheless my experience with evernote has been stellar, it promised me to be my second brain and it came pretty close.
I wanted to ask the leaders/community what is the eventual goal of Joplin before investing myself into it further.
My ideal is best articulated here -
I understand it might take many years to get there but as long we are moving towards a universal PKM (personal knowledge manager) I’m cool with that.

I really like the advice to use Emacs. Yes, it does all and everything and has done so for over 40 years.

Yeah, my friends who are Emacs fans, tell me it is a whole other universe :grinning:
As for me, I already am using other tools, don't really want to learn yet another one from scratch.

It also depends on the user’s preferences. I’m still a Vim/Neovim fan but am looking to learn Ed and other core Unix tools since, long term, I wanna get into sysadmin stuff and many servers still only have core utils.

Wow, I knew sed was a thing but just got to know ed part comes from another tool. :slight_smile:

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I scanned that. It looks like they are mainly covered by our GSoC ideas.
So how about mentoring one :wink: .

@PackElend - I went through gsoc topics, looks like we are on right track with essential features (mobile share, search) and power ups (OCR, wiki style links).
As for mentoring, I’ve started learning React just last week so not sure how much help I can provide. What are the responsibilities of a mentor, generally speaking?

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We help guide students to success through various tasks. Pack and I primarily focus on the less technical side of things that the dev team may not be able to fit into their workload due to them having to maintain the main codebase and implement new features outside of GSoC. Laurent and the devs all make sure students understand the code and can complete tasks related to such but aren’t always available to answer questions or offer complete feedback.

then so why not mentoring, best way learning it though learning curve could be steep but as long as you curious spirit things should be fine.

Besides this @bedwardly-down explained it quite well. If you are interested drop us a PM @Mentors

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@PackElend, Thanks for the invitation. I’m definitely looking forward to contributing to Joplin in future, however I’m already commited to a personal project right now. I will reach out when I get it to a stable state or get some maintainers for it.

you are welcome but it is quite unlikely that you will find a maintainer within the next two weeks, isn't it? :upside_down_face:

I meant as a general contributor to Joplin :smile:

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