Joplin clone on Kickstarter (Gamma Script)

Just saw this on Kickstarter Gamma Script. I asked myself what it can do that Joplin can't, and as I skimmed through it, I thought: nothing. Well, maybe the editable charts unless there's a plugin I'm not aware of.

I sort of feel like I'd rather see Joplin get that money. I'm not sure if this is an IP issue or if it's just incentive to prove that Joplin can do the same and more, without the threat of a subscription fee.

What do you think? I know this is my first post but I've used the Joplin app enough to like it and deploy it everywhere I have a computer/smart device. I used Turtl before and was disappointed in the lack of development, switched to vimwiki but didn't like its Android clients (really, none). VI mode is killer for me. I want to see Joplin survive and thrive.

I had a quick skim through but what makes you think it is a clone of Joplin?
As much as I love Joplin, in a basic sense it isn't entirely unique, there are plenty of other apps out there with a similar layout with similar functionality - Standard Notes, Trilium, SimpleNote, qOwnNotes, Obsidian, Noteable just to name a few.

I'm not sure Joplin can claim ownership of a Markdown based notes app with sync and charts.

Also don't forget that Joplin is MIT licenced (except the Server) so even if somebody literally took the entire application and published it as their own, provided that they don't use any Joplin branding (as the brand itself is protected) then they can give it away for free or sell it for profit.


Mainly code syntax highlighting and task lists. You're right, it's not a new idea, and I had no idea about the MIT licensing. Makes me wonder if it IS joplin. The screenshots look similar.

Tasklists themselves are just part of GFM which is one of the more common markdown standards and both Joplin and this thing both use it.

The one screenshot of the UI that I can see doesn't look like it is taken from Joplin, at least not without quite a bit of modification to the notes panel and toolbar.

Ultimately I feel sorry for anyone who is buying into a totally unproven application that, at best, is equal in functionality to existing FOSS applications.


I guess it's a bit closer to Boostnote since they focus on coding?

But anyway it's surprising that people would donate money for non-existing software, which may never be implemented. Or if it's implemented, there's no guarantee it would be any good or that they'll keep working on it. All that for a note taking app, when there's indeed so many alternative apps.