Cursor Invisible Since v3 Upgrade

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 3.0.12 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 0c86a162699a4d7b8f7c6edc0998ebaa
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 47
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: a64d6e3

Simple Backup: 1.3.5
Templates: 2.4.0

What issue do you have?

The cursor is white on the white background, which effectively makes it invisible, and when you have to constantly copy and paste text from joplin to elsewhere it's constant guesswork of where the cursor is. This only started happening since I upgraded from v2 to v3. I tried changing the editor as some old posts seemed to say that would help, but it didn't help my case.

I figured out that I should see if I could change the theme and I did which has made it workable, but I liked the default theme.

Do you have any custom CSS (Tools > Options > Appearance > Advanced > Custom stylesheet for Joplin-wide app styles)? If so, does disabling it help?

No, I never touched the CSS.

You did make me think about plugins so I went and looked and saw I had the "Templates" plugin installed (not that I could ever figure out how to make use of it) and once I toggled it off and went back to the light theme the cursor showed up. So yeah, I guess it's just that that plugin is incompatible.


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