VIM keys not working?

Version: Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, darwin)

Just curious: I did find how to activate VIM keys (in Preferences > Advanced) but they don't appear to work. Escape, j, k, l etc does nothing (except type those letters). There's no mode switching at all. I did hit "apply" when choosing the VIM mode in preferences, all other preferences appear to work just fine. Do I need to do something else? Did I miss something? Please excuse me if I screwed up in some newbie way and missed something.

Thanks in advance for any help! Much appreciated!

Which editor are you using? I think vim keys only work with the markdown editor.

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Aha! I should have tried that. I was using the other editor (WYSIWYG I guess)... Shame it doesn't work on that. I guess I can put in a request for the devs to add that to the other editor?

Most likely not. They are not even supported in the markdown editor. The vim and emacs modes are provided as-is. They were never supported.

Btw, the documentation for the WYSIWYG editor states: Special keyboard modes "vim" and "emacs" are not supported.
But I agree, this is a bit ambiguous. We should say that they do not work.

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