Customize editing keys (to emacs) in WYSIWYG mode?

Is there a way to set up editing keys (at leas general ones like up/down/left right) in the WYSIWYG page? I use Emacs editing keys in the other parts of Joplin and would like to use it in WYSIWYG too.

Not a big deal, it is just so nice to edit/enter in WYSIWYG without popping back and forth between display types or to an external editor.

Did you get a solution, yet?

No I didn't.

To be perfectly clear, the vim/emacs keyboard modes were added as is and they are not really supported.

What I mean by that is that some people requested this functionality and we made it clear that we don't have time to support these modes. Especially when it comes to interaction issues with shortcuts and whatnot.

I'm not sure, whether this has changed. If not, I doubt the priority on these issues are very high.

That's fine. With the ability to pop out to emacs for editing I'm good to go for any large editing. For smaller stuff I can use the md editor or just use the mouse or cursor keys within the WYSIWYG editor.

how can one select the emacs keyboard mode? (on MacOS)

(duh). In preferences

I have never used the WYSIWYG editor thus I don't know, if that will work.

Preferences... > General > Show Advanced Settings > Keyboard Mode > Default/Emacs/Vim