Emacs and vim keyboard layouts in Joplin


After tried both i decided using built-in Joplin editor. It is way faster. The other reason is conflicts of keyboard shortcuts and modes.

For instance, if you enter the marking text mode in emacs layout, you can perfectly and really fast selecting text but that is all, you can't use any Joplin Keyboard shortcut to make selected text for example Bold. At this point if you insist to use emacs and try to configure how to do that, you miss the whole point of using Joplin. Anyone "me included" are free to try emacs as external editor at this point.

In vim layout it is even harder because of 3 modes but i will miss that blinking green cursor pointer. "This may be implemented in Joplin because after hitting the CTRL-SHIFT-B it takes time for me to find where i am in the note, green blinking cursor would be nice or maybe this can be done by editing .css, any suggestion?"

At the end to make Joplin better and to use it fast i mean really fast file editing. I suggest two things.

1- Remove unsupported keyboard layouts for good. No real reason them to be there, anyone wants to use emacs or vim can still use it by external editing, because these features are limited and not supported in Joplin.

2- Please make the markdown editor more keyboard friendly with more shortcuts for editing. I simply don't wanna touch mouse. For instance; ALT+Up or Down Arrow is an excellent example, great implementation to Joplin, thanks for that by the way.

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