Vim navigation for notebook-tree-structure

I was checking all options in the joplin settings today and I found the keyboardmode vim in the 'general - advanced' Settings. I'm really really loving this :heart:
I guess nobody, who didn't use vim before, will learn how to vim-key in joplin. But a lot of vim users will love to edit in joplin.

To enhance this feature, I'd love see something like this:
The vim-keys should work in that way, that u never take the hand off the keyboard.
Therefore, there should be a possibility

  • to navigate the notebook-tree-structure by keys (same level up/down: j,k; going a level up/down: h,l). It should go down to the note level ...pressing l there should switch to the note in the editor. To get an idea how this works: 'ranger' is a filemanager for linux, which is working similar.
  • to jump between the notebook-tree-structure-window, the editor-window and the search-window ...I don't have a good suggestion for this. Because in vim these keys are bad (I think ctrl w + something else) and everybody is rebinding them. So my proposal would be ctrl j,k or ctrl h,l to jump between them.

And I would love to see a documentation for the vimkeys know which one is implemented or how they are working in detail (best place would be, where you can activate the option for it ...a button for example (show keybinds for vim)).

These are no urgent suggestions, but ...having a markdown-Editor on different devices and being able to vim-key, this would be really really unique :heart:


PS.: In joplins Vim-mode is a commandline mode (: in normal Vim mode).
Does it do anything yet? I guess there is no action avialable yet. my intuitive understanding : should lead to the command palette : should be in vim normal mode just a rebind or additional bind ctrl shift p to :

PSS.: Just got it now ...there is one action, that is working in joplins Vim-mode commandline mode :w is doing a synchronize (like a save in vim)

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