Persistent Vim Keybindings


I did not find anything regarding this, so I ask here.

I want to re-map a key which is perfectly fine and possible with

:map <key1> <key2>

But if I restart Joplin, these mappings are all gone.

So my question is: Is there a way to make persistent changes to the Vim settings somewhere?

Thanks in advance


I also am wondering about this, I just want to remap a few keys in vim mode.

This isn’t the best workaround, but as someone with a large vimrc that I have come to depend on, I just always use the external editor. I can easily go side by side with joplin and vim and it will still live update. It isn’t the best solution, but afaik it is the only workaround for now.

I doubt vimrc support will be added to joplin, as I have heard it said before that the developers are not concerned with making joplin a robust text editor, and that is why the external editor support is so good.

Yeah, I use that. too. Just today I commented on another thread, that under these circumstances (having ones own full blown vim as external editor, and the internal one lacking all the features) I can’t see why there is an internal vim editor at all.

Gonna stick to the external one.

I'd also like to be able to do this. Something as simple as :map j gj can help when editing large paragraphs

Well now, as the external editor is broke, this would be a great feature :smiley:

Has anyone found a way to persistently map keys for vim mode in the desktop app? Thanks!

Professional editors should include it, but joplin is not...

This should be pretty easy to do with a plugin, similar to what Obsidian does (; 99 SLOC).