View mode does not show properly formated document

In View mode Joplin does not show all line breaks or spaces that show in Edit mode. I have to switch to Edit mode to see the document as I have formatted it.

Enable soft breaks is turned off.

How can I get Joplin to show the properly formatted document in View mode?

Os = Android 10
Joplin Version = 1.1.2

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Perhaps you could share a screenshot of this issue?

Although my suspicion is that you have just run into a gotcha with markdown, in this case being that white space is collapsed. I.e multiple newlines become a single newline. If you need your output to have more spacing you can use the html br tag

Some notes that I've been writing.
But I want to have multiple newlines below
And now my notes continue

Thanks for the info. Your sugestion is correct.

I did not realize that I was actually writing Markdown language when editing in Joplin. I am used to using Colornote on Android and Notepad++ on Windows. They are both plain text editors, but I was lookng for something cross platform.

I'm not really sure I want to use Markdown for simple notes. Since I have written a lot of HTML, is should not be too much of a transition. I'll try it for a while and see.

Another way to make linefeeds and spaces render as they do in simple text editors is to use 3 backquotes to mark off the section of your note, or the entire note.

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In the Rich Text editor, multiple line breaks are collapsed into one as soon as I re-enter a note.
I think this is the same issue OP described.

For me it makes Joplin harder to use for any sort of note taking.
I understand I can go into markdown editor and use 'br', that's a lot of hassle for a simple line break.
As I missing something here? Is this considered a bug or a feature?

This is for Windows 10, Joplin 1.4.19.

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