View display problem

The two texts of test1 and test2 are the same, and both texts have 4 spaces at the beginning.

In the right view:
Test1 does not display a new line, and the longer content only displays one line.
test2 is a newline display.

The same text content, but the display effect is inconsistent, what is the reason?
Test1 does not have a new line display and is not easy to read. I hope to solve this problem.

Thank you

I get the same results as you do in the example. I'm not sure why it is inconsistent, and I would actually expect both test lines to be displayed like "test1"...

In Markdown four spaces at the beginning of a line indicate code so I think test1 displays it correctly.

The line after test2 is a continuation of the numbered list item, so the quadruple space indenting is not doing the same thing. If you want a monospace effect there, it seems you have to use the alternative, surrounding the text with backticks.
Although the rendering isn't exactly the same.
And I don't seem to be able to get out of the list. I thought an empty line would have done the trick.
But the editor thinks, like me, it should be monospaced…

Oh, I see, you need at least one regular line before going back to regular editing…

The four spaces at the beginning of the line are used as code markers. I think this is not good for the following reasons:
The code is marked with special symbols. If the space at the beginning of the line is also used as the code mark, then the paragraph cannot be indented, which is not easy to read.

Four spaces at the beginning of the line is part of the "Markdown standard". But you can also use "fenced code blocks".