Non-modal tag addition

Hello Awesome Team Joplin,

First off, my heart-felt thanks!

I had a feature request I didnt find upon searching in the Features category… Request is as follows:

If I want to add a tag, I use the shortcut to invoke the tag dialog (or Edit > Tags) and I can add as many tags. However with this open:

  1. I cant continue to scroll through my note or ToDo.
  2. I need to hit OK or Cancel, then focus/ click on the parent note window and only then I can continue

So the request is, can the Tag dialog be non-modal so that I can keep it open while continuing with my note-writing/ reading (scroll through the parent/note window) and add tags by using the same shortcut (Command+Option+T) - to toggle focus between the Tag popup and the parent window

Thanks again and stay safe,