Various Tiers of Point Release

I’m a huge user of Joplin, using it almost everyday. I have it installed on my laptop (Debian) and my work and media computers (Windows).

One thing I notice is that you guys are very active on new releases of Joplin (that’s definitely not a complaint). The thing is that I’m constantly being asked upon opening Joplin for an update because there seems to be something almost daily.

Would it make sense to have different tiers of releases that are configurable so that we are only notified based on the tier selected? You could have a nightly tier that notifies you as you like it does now - on ever point release. You could also have a stable tier that notifies you every 10 releases. There could also be an option (checkbox?) to immediately notify for an update that contains something considered critical (that ignores tiered options).

Just a suggestion to streamline productivity on Joplin so that people aren’t always updating all the time on all their devices.

It’s pretty rare for Joplin to update more than once in any given month. I think maybe you’re experiencing a bug if you’re prompted more often.
Joplin is fairly stable, so if you’re not keen on getting updates asap, then for you I would suggest turning off auto-updates and only update when you feel like it.
This setting can be toggled in Tools->Options-Application

You know, it might just be that I’m seeing the same update in multiple places and it feels like a lot. I’ll have to keep a better eye on it.
I don’t necessarily want to turn the auto-updates off because then I know I’m going to forget to update. I just know how I am. What’s more likely to happen is for me to rebuild my computer and I just snatch the latest version and realize I’m way behind.
I don’t think it’s a bug because the message does show a point release each time with the release notes. It’s legit.