My journey from Evernote to Joplin, with some thoughts on "enshittification"

Thanks to Evernote and its old and new owners who made me quit after many years I had to search for an alternative solution ... which brought me to Joplin.
I have written an article on LinkedIn about my journey including thoughts about how software companies make their app users quit by enshittifying their product. I am glad to have arrived in the open source area where this hopefully will not happen.


Nice article. Thanks for writing it.

For seo purposes you might want to use the word that Doctro coined, entshitification. I only mention this because it may help bring more people in your same situation to Joplin.

And thanks for becoming a sponsor. Not everyone can.


Thanks for the hint about the term. I will reword the article and the post on LinkedIn and also here in the forum.

Thanks for the article! I was in a similar situation some ~ 2 years ago. Back then, the "new and improved" Evernote app dropped support for shortcuts that would take you to some pinned notes (CMD + 1 brought you to your first pinned note, etc...).

I had used that feature all day. And since there was no longer a quick and easy way to switch between my top 3 - 5 notes, I immediately felt like getting rid of the app.

It's crazy how "small things" can make people jump ship and look for an entirely new solution. I'm super happy with Joplin, my biggest gripe is the many updates; I've sometimes had to update it 3x per week.
I understand other folks might love the fact that the app is receiving so much love, but only 1 major release per fortnight would be a vast improvement for me personally.

Still, it's a minor complaint, there are way too many things I love about this app.


Huh? Unless you are using some cutting edge plugin, there is no requirement to ever update, is there? And if you are getting that many update notifcations you must have notifications set for pre-release updates.

Am I missing something?

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Oh yes, that's totally fair. It's not like I have to update. It just pops up with the message that there's a new version ready rather "often".
I sometimes had 4 different builds in my downloads folder; many other apps show a message like "this app will update automatically on next restart; restart now to automatically apply the update" and it's just way more convenient that way.

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That's only because you have opted in:

You don't have to get update notifications at all. And you are only seeing them frequently because you have ticked the second box. Untick that and you will get notifications about 5 times a year.


Thank you, but I have NOT checked the "Get pre-releases" option and it still sometimes showed me several updates per week.

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For those not opting for pre-releases the release cycle is every three months. However when responding to a bug report Laurent has to decide if a fix can wait for up to three months before users get it or if it should go out as soon as it is fixed. You are unlikely to see an update to the release version that adds new features or is cosmetic. That's what the pre-release versions are for. You are likely to see an update to the release version if it fixes a bug where existing functionality has broken, even if it is just for some users under specific conditions. This is especially true if there is a slight possibility of data loss or sync failure. It's a judgement call.

Unfortunately, every now and again a series of issues get reported that come in one after the other and us users can get a few updates over several days. This happened a a little while ago (and it looks like you may have joined us around this time - at least on the forum!). From personal experience I have found that since the introduction of the release cycle these multiple updates do not occur that often. For one recent release cycle I actually checked GitHub manually in case there was a bug in the client as it had been so long since an update notification appeared!

I realise that you described the number of updates as a "minor point". But in the past others have thought exactly the same and there have been posts on this forum about updates when Joplin has previously had a series of more serious bugs that needed fixing. This post was not intended as a "lecture", more an explanation and one that future users may find helpful if they search the forum the next time it happens :slight_smile:


Thanks for this explanation! I did not have the problem with several updates per week as mentioned by nextab, but still your explanation gave me some background I did not have before.