Update periods

Please, is it possible to update the Desktop software a little bit more seldem, than every day? May be weekly or monthly?

How about disabling automatic updates or pressing "Skip version" if receiving updates is such a hassle?


You can set a custom value for sync.interval in settings.json (which is located in your Joplin data folder). The application will say "Disabled" if the value doesn't match the pre-defined ones, but synchronisation does still work regardless.

I've been testing using a lower value of 60 (i.e. 1 minute) myself and it's been working fine so far.

Sorry, I've misread what the question was actually about :sweat_smile:. I'm still leaving this information just in case it may prove useful to someone when doing a forum search or something.

Rapid daily updates are not common.

Unless you select the option for being notified about "pre-releases" the update message box will only appear when a "release" is issued. If you look at the GitHub releases page you will see that 2.5.10 was released today 01NOV21, 2.5.8 yesterday 31OCT21, 2.4.12 13OCT21, 2.4.9 on 29SEP21...

The release notes for 2.5.10 state:

  • Fixed: Fixed crash on certain Linux distributions when importing or exporting a file (6012783)
  • Fixed: Fixed potential infinite loop when Joplin Server session is invalid (c5569ef)

So it looks to me that the option was either to put out a fixed release just one day after the last one or wait a week or a month and let Linux users have Joplin crash if they wanted to import or export data. As can be seen, apart from today's version the releases are currently coming out around every two weeks.

Joplin is essentially the project of a single person. There is no dedicated beta testing team, only users who choose to install pre-releases and check them out when they can. IMHO the very fact that such a bug is identified, fixed and an update released in a day is a good thing.

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Personally, I think it's good that the updates are published so frequently.

Most of the time only beta/pre-release get updates so often. The last stable was

  • Today (probably because of the infinite loop bug)
  • Yesterday
  • 19 days ago

So just disable automatic updates or use only the stable.


Thanks for all your work. Updating is no problem.


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Thank you very much for your hints and points of view. I think that is enough information for this topic for me.