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Auto-install updates?


As Joplin is well updated, it became a bit annoying to clic to download, go to the download folder, clic on the new zip file, quit Joplin, open the dmg (on a mac), drag and drop the new version, and relaunch Joplin. More annoying when Joplin become your daily note app.
It could be great to make this process fluent and not workflow breaking. May I ask for this ease ?


This has been explained a while back in one of the github issues. Due to the fact that the application is based on Electron, there were several issues that made this task impossible, or very, very complex.

I’m not sure whether this has changed But I’m sure @laurent would consider adding this functionality, if it were easy to accomplish. Otherwise there are more important things to tackle.


Could it be an extra script to do it not from the app itself? Of course, and I said it first, this is not a priority…