Vaibhav GSoC 2020 - Introduction

Hi, I’m a student at Pune University in India looking to participate this summer. I have some prior experience with React-native, redux and backend development and I heard about Joplin through GSoC.

A few features I would be interested in implementing are in order:

I recently made this pull request:
to handle the issue of the Scroll issue.
will solve more issue to get familiar with a codebase

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if you need help when it get to something like Encryption in Nextcloud – Nextcloud, speak out loud, we have folks from nextcloud here

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@PackElend Thanks for quick response. what we are going to implement encryption or password protection…? so we can move forward with that approach

I expect the note to be encrypted by the password :slight_smile:

Sound interesting :innocent:
is password is recoverable?
is this fuctionality support other platform also(desktop,web)( i thought i can work on react-native)

that needs to be discussed with the community, I’m not an expert for this, still learning

can you involve some one to this thread


for the time being you can open a topic in #development, we are not sure yet if we discuss such things in #development or #gsoc.
We will move the topic if necessary, no worries.

Hi @vaibhav2ghadge,
Hi there,
time is moving forward are getting along with the code and the ideas?
We haven’t that much after the merge of the PR.
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

good luck with GSoC

@PackElend @laurent i have gone through code have good understanding of code. need your help for how we can encrypt notes by password and sync this to all platform.

thx for letting us know that you doing research on password protective notes.
You can ask your question in the corresponding topic.

please to do not mention laurent as he is busy with PRs we drag him when necessary

how we can synchronize with other clients?(web,desktop,app)

can you ask this in the corresponding topic?