GSoC 2020 -- Introduction

Hello! I am Shlok Pandey (@b30wulffz), a second-year CSE undergraduate from IIIT Sri City. I have worked with React JS, React-Native, Node JS(Express, Mongoose), Flutter and Django in the past. I am currently new to Open Source, as a contributor. But upon seeing Joplin being based on JS Frameworks, I have decided to contribute here. I have read the instructions thoroughly. Now I am looking for some good issues to start contributing to this community. I hope the experience which I would get here, would help me in cracking GSOC 2020.

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Welcome @b30wulffz , it’s nice to have you join the community, The Joplin community is very active and full of friendly contributors. I was equally new to open source when I joined this community early last month but I didn’t find any difficulty in coexisting and contributing to the codebase.

After you’ve successfully gotten Joplin running locally In your machine, play with it to know it’s core features (it’s very easy to understand), then head over to GitHub issues , specifically the ones with Good first issues, if you’re not clear then drop a question


Hi! I am Parikshit. I am 22 years old and currently doing my Computer Science major from Delhi Technological University, India. My experiences include working with Nodejs, ExpressJS, MongoDB, MySQL and javascript based web. I have attended multiple hackathons, mentored in GCI’19 and GSSoC’19 and GSSoC’20. This time, I would love to participate as a mentee in GSoC. As a reference, you check my linkedin( and Github( My interests lie in Blockchain, NLP, technical writing, web development and programming(to be explicit about it). I think I am a bit late in my introduction but I am here now!

@Parikshit-Hooda welcome to the community but that shall go in its own topic