GSOC 2020-Introduction to the community

Hello everyone
I am Chitransh Anand, sophomore student at NIT Allahabad,India. I have a good experience with React Native.I found that Joplin has also it's codebase in React Native,it's suitable for me. I wish to work for Joplin in GSOC this summer.Can someone guide me, how to contribute for Joplin :smiley:

Hi @rheo,

Thx for showing interest, welcome to the community.

Have you read the instructions yet?

You can work on issues on GitHub label:“good first issue”.

Lable your PR with Gsoc-2020.

I have read the instructions and I looked at the ideas given below
Are these the ideas on which Joplin will work this summer?
The first idea looks nice.
I am currently understanding the code base and will solve an issue then :slight_smile:

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This are our ideas, it will depend on Google if we can run all ideas as project this summer

Anyone can share additional ideas, there is excellent topic about on what feature shell Joplin Roadmap focus, have a look over there if you want to come up with an idea.

Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum

good luck with GSoC