V. 2.12.2: Cannot set a due date for tasks

Anyone else notice this using

  • Joplin 2.12.2
  • Android 10

Cannot set a due date for tasks.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a task w/o a due date
  2. Go to "Set due date" in hamburger menu
  3. choose day and time
  4. click on "Save"

Expected behaviour: due date is saved to task

Actually happening:

  1. date field is cleared,
  2. nothing else happens,
  3. due date is not saved


I cant reproduce the behavior.
I can create new tasks with a due date and modify the due date on Android 13 and Joplin 2.12.2

Hmm ...

I did a fresh install from PlayStore (V. 2.12.2) on a second device (Fairphone; with Android 12 this time); no sync; created a ToDo and could exactly reproduce the behaviour described in my first post (using a Xiaomi with Android 10).

In addition, I noticed that modifications of existing duedates set are not possible on the mobile device either. A task with a due date keeps its due date regardless of changes I try to make on the mobile device.

Could someone using Android 10 or 12 possibly confirm or refute my observation?

Thanks for checking,

Joplin 2.12.2, Android 12 here:

  1. I open a note w/o dates or alarms,
  2. hamburger menu does NOT show a command "set due date",
  3. context menu doesn't show such command either.

What am I missing ?

Due Dates only exist for Tasks, not for notes.

Okay, with more precision => I can only create notes and to-dos, I assume you mean a to-do type of note when you say task.
Now, when I create such a to-do, and save it, and next
a) open the to-do and go to the hamburger menu : surprise ! there is no hamburger menu (on the left) only a 3-dots menu on the right, and this has no item called ,
b) when I go back to the notebook (in which the to-do item was created), then I get a hamburger menu on the left, I open it .... surprise! there is no item called .

So again, what am I missing ?

You're not missing anything, I just phrased it confusingly (that's what you get when trying to think on a bus ..)

I meant the "3-dots-menu" on the top right for a ToDo-type of note, yes. If I open that menu, the second item (it's between "Add ..." and "Share" on my device) offers me the possibility to define an alarm for the task; both on the desktop and the mobile device.
And the mobile function is what's causing me problems ...

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